This list of castings by Parlanti will be updated as further castings are identified. Casts which are attributed to Parlanti, or are awaiting confirmation, will also be included and clearly marked as such.

When the year of casting can’t be identified, then the year of unveiling is given.

Last updated 17th April 2021

Year of Casting Bronze Location Sculptor
1894? Morpheus National Museum of Wales, Cardiff William Goscombe John
1897 Ralph Ward Jackson Church Square,Hartlepool Edward Onslow Ford
1898 Lord Roberts Statue Calcutta Harry Bates
1898 Sir William Gray Church Square,Hartlepool William Day Keyworth
1898/9 Queen Victoria Albert Square, Dundee Harry Bates
1899 Baby Girl Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 Baptism Font St Peter and St Paul Church, Longbridge, Wiltshire Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 Charity V & A Museum, London Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 Charity & Courage Russell Memorial, Chenies, Bucks Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 John Hunter Bust St Georges Hospital Medical School, Tooting, London Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 Post Equitem Sedet Atra Cura V & A Museum, London Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 St Elizabeth of Hungary Clarence Memorial, Windsor Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 St Michael Clarence Memorial, Windsor Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 The Virgin Clarence Memorial, Windsor Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 St. Barbara Clarence Memorial, Windsor Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 Edward the Confessor Clarence Memorial, Windsor Sir Alfred Gilbert
1899 St. Boniface Clarence Memorial, Windsor Sir Alfred Gilbert
1900 Lord Lansdowne Red Road, Calcutta ?Newman
1900 Dr. William Haig Brown Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey Bates/Poole/Onslow Ford
1900-1911 Florence Nightingale Bust-ATTRIBUTED CAST Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta Sir John Steell
1900-1915 Florence Nightingale Bust-Presented in 1915 NPG, London Sir John Steell
1900-1917 Florence Nightingale Bust Florence Nighingale Museum Sir John Steell
1900-1917 Florence Nightingale Bust Derby Art Gallery Sir John Steell
1901 Wreath, originally laid at King Umberto 1 Tomb Pantheon, Rome Parlanti TBC
1901 Garrick Memorial Tablet 27 Southampton Street, London H C Fehr
1902 George Frederick Watts-ATTRIBUTED CAST Watts Gallery Louis Reid Deuchars
1902 General Gordon Originally Khartoum, now Gordon’s School, Woking Edward Onslow Ford
1902 Lovat Scouts casket Private collection Louis Reid Deuchars
1902 Queen Victoria Outside Town Hall, Delhi, India Alfred Turner
1902 Queen Victoria Front Street, Tynemouth Alfred Turner
1903 Physical Energy Cape Town, South Africa George Frederic Watts
1903 Spinning, Shipbuilding and Child Reading Base of Victoria statue, Belfast City Hall, Belfast Thomas Brock
1903 Sir Titus Salt Roberts Park, Saltaire, Yorkshire Francis Derwent Wood
1904 Boer War Memorial-Gloucestershire Regiment Queen’s Road, Bristol Onslow Whiting
1904 Queen Victoria Geelong, Australia John Swan Davie
1904 South African War Memorial Bendigo, Victoria, Australia John Walker
1905 Rev. George Salmon Memorial St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Albert Bruce-Joy
1905 Queen Victoria Endcliffe Park, Sheffield Alfred Turner
1906 Royal Scots Gray Princes Street, Edinburgh William Birnie Rhind
1906 South African War Memorial Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham Albert Toft
1906 Captain Cook Statue Bendigo, Victoria, Australia John Walker
1906 Ceylon Contingent Memorial Kandy, Sri Lanka Geraldine Blake
1906 John Mandeville Statue New Square, Mitchelstown, Ireland Francis Doyle-Jones
1907 Queen Victoria Leinster House, Dublin, now at Sydney John Hughes
1907 Sir Henry Irving National Portrait Gallery TBC Edward Onlsow Ford
1907 Garibaldi Centenary Laurel Wreath Stafford House, London-Current location unknown Parlanti
1908 Folly-small edition Various Edward Onslow Ford
1908 Protected Private Collection Irene M Browne
1908 A Foul in the Giant’s Race Tate Collection Charles L Hartwell
1909 Welsh Boer War Memorial Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff Albert Toft
1909 Matthew White Ridley Originally Ridley Park, Blyth George Skee
1910 Edward V11 Bust Unknown John Cassidy
1910 Seddon Memorial Wellington, New Zealand Henry Poole
1911 Edward VII Tooting Broadway Louis Frederick Roslyn (ex Roseleib)
1911 Linlithgow Memorial Melbourne William Birnie Rhind
1912 Edward V11 Drinking Fountain Whitechapel Road, London W S Frith
1912 Joseph Priestley Statue Market Place, Birstall, West Yorkshire Frances (Fanny ) Darlington
1912 King Edward VII Statue Punjab Government Museum, Chandigarh, India Francis Derwent Wood
1912 King Edward VII & Fountain Clifton, Bristol Henry Poole
1912 Major Smythies Manchester City Gallery Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
1912 The Firebird Unknown Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
1912 Peter Pan Kensington Gardens, London Sir George Frampton
1912/3 Mother and Child Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland Eric Gill
1913 Pair of Bronze Lions Dingle Tower, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Percy George Bentham
1914 Reduction of Physical Energy-small edition Various,  1 in Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Thomas Wren after G F Watts
1914 Peace Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Alfred Turner
1914 A Polo Player Unknown Oliver Wheatley
1914 Nearing The Pole Private Collection John Cassidy
1914 Queen Mary Unknown George Frampton
1914 Captain Cook St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia John Tweed
1914 Bas-Relief Major-General Sir Henry Jenner Scobell St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa John Tweed
1914 Silence Possibly East Finchley Cemetery Sir William Reid-Dick
1914 King Edward V11 Parade Gardens, Bath Newbury Abbot Trent
1914 Queen Victoria Seated Glasgow Royal Infirmary Albert Hemstock Hodge
1914 Entente Cordial (Original Casting now stolen) Norman Cross, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire James Alexander Stevenson
1916 The Watcher Cast in an edition of 5 Henry Scott Tuke
1916 South African War Memorial Anzac Square,Brisbane, Queensland, Australia James Laurence Watts
1916 Scott Memorial Plaque City Hall, Cardiff William Wheatley Wagstaff
1917 Miss Olga Parlanti Bust Unknown Paul Van de Kerckhove
1918 3 Busts Unknown Ivan Mestrovic
1919 Dr Elsie Inglis bust Imperial War Museum, London Ivan Mestrovic
1919 Major-General Sir W S Brancker Bust Imperial War Museum, London Louis Frederick Roslyn
1919 The Risen Christ National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh Sir Jacob Epstein
c1920 WW1 Memorial Harland and Wollf, Liverpool Unknown
1920 Clayton-le-Moors War Memorial Mercer Park, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancashire John Cassidy
1920 Narcissus Unknown Harold Parker
1920 Leonid Krassin Bust Unknown Clare Sheridan
1920 Lev Kamenev Bust Unknown Clare Sheridan
1920 Glenelg War Memorial (Cast by Albion Art) Glenelg, West Scotland Louis Reid Deuchars
1920 Major-General Sir F H Sykes-ATTRIBUTED CAST Imperial War Museum, London Louis Frederick Roslyn
1920 Air Vice-Marshal Sir G M Paine-ATTRIBUTED CAST Imperial War Museum, London Louis Frederick Roslyn
1921 Air Vice-Marshal Sir J M Salmond-ATTRIBUTED CAST Imperial War Museum, London Louis Frederick Roslyn
1921 Glory To The Dead Vicarage Gardens, Fulham, London Alfred Turner
1921 Robert Burns Auckland Domain, Auckland, New Zealand F W Pomeroy
1921 Prudential Assurance Memorial High Holborn, London F V Blundstone
1921 Edgar Mobbs Memorial TBC Northampton Alfred Turner
1921 Kingsthorpe War Memorial TBC Northampton Alfred Turner
1922 Henry V1 (silver statuette) Originally given to Princess Mary by the boys of Eton
1922 Folkestone War Memorial Folkestone, Kent F V Blundstone
1922 Henry Mayers Hyndman Bust NPG, London Edward Hill Lacey
1922 Henry Mayers Hyndman Bust TBC People’s History Museum, Manchester Edward Hill Lacey
1922 King Edward VII Holyrood House, Edinburgh H S Gamley
1922 National Submarine War Memorial Embankment, London Frederick Brook Hitch
1922 Newton Abbot War Memorial Queen Street, Newton Abbot, Devon Courtney Pollock
1922 Milngavie War Memorial TBC Milngavie, Scotland George Henry Paulin
1922 Earl Grey bronze bust Banquet Hall, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Canada Frank Lascelles
1923 RAF Memorial Embankment, London Sir William Reid Dick
1923 Lord Byron Aberdeen Grammar School James Pittendrigh MacGillivray
1923 Yorks and Lancs Regiment War Memorial Weston Park, Sheffield G N Morewood and Roy Smith
1924 Peter Pan Egmont Park, Brussels Sir George Frampton
1924 Flux and other early works Unknown Leon Underwood
1924 Mr L P Smythe Diploma Gallery Staircase, RA, London Sir Alfred Gilbert
1924 Newfoundland National War Memorial St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada F V Blundstone and Gilbert Bayes
1924 War Memorial-pair of bronze statues Entrance to The Cenotaph,Red Road, Calcutta Herbert William Palliser
1924 War Memorial Haslingden, Blackburn L F Roslyn
1925 The Cenotaph Barkers Pool, Sheffield George Alexander
1925 Rifle Brigade War Memorial Centre Soldier Grosvenor Gardens, Victoria, London J Tweed
1925 Sketch For Eros 1 in Tate, London and 1 in Royal Academy, London Sir Alfred Gilbert
1925 Sir Harcourt Butler Lucknow, India George Havard Thomas
1925 Canon Sheehan Statue Catholic Church, Doneraile, Ireland Francis Doyle-Jones
1926 Belle Vue War Memorial Gorton Cemetery, Manchester F V Blundstone
1927 Alfreton War Memorial Market Place, Alfreton, Derbyshire William Aumonier Junior
1930 The Wrestler (Lead) Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
1930 The Wrestler (Lead) Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, USA Henri Gaudier-Brzeska