News/Foundry Marks

August 2017

Welcome to the new look website for Parlanti Bronze Foundries. The information that was within the old ‘News’ section has now been incorporated into the updated website pages. Any new finds will be incorporated into the relevant pages, so do please visit regularly to keep up to date.

Although a foundry mark was not always used by Parlanti, especially on smaller pieces, below are images of some of the various marks which Parlanti did use over a period of time. More will be added as they are identified.


The 2 images above show Parlanti’s mark on the central soldier of John Tweed’s Rifle Brigade Memorial found in London, SW1. This is a somewhat unique memorial, in that Parlanti was the founder of the central bronze soldier, but Burton’s cast the 2 bronze soldiers on the flanks. Particular thanks go to  for both the image and information about this memorial.