As well as the many sculptors who had work cast by Parlanti, various other people of note had dealings with the foundry, either by visiting, or by dealings in works involving them. These names are taken from a list compiled by Ercole in his retirement and are listed at the end of the table of sculptors.

These are just some of the sculptors and artists whose work has been cast at the Parlanti foundries:

Alexander George
Aumonier Junior William
Bates Harry
Bayes Gilbert
Bentham Percy George
Blake Geraldine
Blundstone Ferdinand Victor
Brock Sir Thomas
Browne Irene M
Bruce-Joy Albert
Cassidy John
Cole Ernest
Darlington Frances (Fanny)
Davie John Swan
Deuchars Louis Reid
Doyle-Jones Francis William
Epstein Sir Jacob
Fehr Henry Charles
Fitzgerald Percy
Floyd James Ashton
Frampton Sir George James
Frith William Silver
Gamley Henry Snell
Gaudier-Brzeska Henri
Gilbert Sir Alfred
Gill Eric
Gordon Crosby Frederick
Hartwell Charles Leonard
Hawkings George
Hitch Frederick Brook
Hodge Albert Hemstock
Hughes John
John Sir William Goscombe
van de Kerckhove Paul
Keyworth William Day
Lacey Edward Hill
Lascelles Frank
Leslie Alexander James
Lucchesi Andrea Carlo
MacGillivray James Pittendrigh
Martorell V
McLean (TBC) William James
Melnikov Abraham
Mestrovic Ivan
Millard John
Morewood G N
Oakley Alfred James
Onslow Ford Edward
Paget Thomas Humphrey
Palliser Herbert William
Parker Harold
Paulin George Henry
Pollock Courtney Edward Maxwell
Pomeroy Frederick William
Poole Henry
Reid Dick Sir William
Rhind William Birnie
Roselieb/Roslyn Louis Frederick
Sheridan Clare
Skee George
Smith Roy
Steel Sir John
Stevenson James Alexander
Thomas George Havard
Toft Albert Arthur
Trent Newbury Abbot
Tuke Henry Scott
Turner Alfred
Tweed John
Underwood Leon
Wagstaff William Wheatley
Walker John
Watts George Frederic
Watts James Laurence
Wheatley Oliver
Whiting Onslow
Wiens Stephen Makepeace
Wood Francis Derwent
Wren Thomas

People of note who had dealings with the foundry

Lord Mayor of Manchester

Lord Mayor of Bristol

Lord Mayor of Sheffield

Walter Winans

George Frederic Watts

John Singer Sargent

Several Generals of WWI

Pope Leo XIII

Sir James Barrie

Sir Edward Elgar

Sir Roger Casement

President Eamon De Valera

Stella Patrick Campbell

Sir John Martin-Harvey

Italian Ambassador to the UK

‘All the leading Academicians’